Choosing the type of ceremony

Hviding Funeral Home helps you choose the type of ceremony. We will assist in planning and conducting all types of ceremonies

Ecclesiastical ceremony

Many want a church ceremony, led by a priest. We help to find a vacant priest who has guarded and sends contact information to the priest. The priest contacts the family and arranges a separate meeting where the memorial and ceremony are planned in detail.

This of course also applies to the Catholic Church and to the various denominations in our area.

Custom ceremony

Not everyone is a member of a faith or belief community that one can contact when a death occurs. The Whiting Funeral Home has long experience with this, and we often assist survivors in planning and directing so-called “custom ceremonies”.

These can be ceremonies both with and without religious content. The bureau has its own burial speakers who the survivors receive a planning interview with if they choose this form of ceremony.

Here it is the deceased self who sets the guidelines for what is to be said, sung and performed. Our consultants help to provide musicians and we also have equipment for playing music in ceremonies.

Feel free to contact for information and prices for these services and choice of the type of ceremony.

Human-ethical ceremony

This type of ceremony is used for members of the Human Ethical Association. The union provides burial services and plans with the family in a separate conversation. Funeral services from HEF can also be hired by non-members at a fixed rate.

Muslim ceremony

We work closely with several of the Muslim faith communities in our area. We help with communication with various agencies so that Holy Wash and Burial can be held as quickly as possible.

Other ceremonies

Through extensive experience, we have organized ceremonies in most contexts. Contact us for further information.

Planning the funeral

The next of kin are responsible for making decisions about the funeral.
In some cases, the deceased may have expressed special wishes for the funeral, which should, of course, be respected. It is important to see if the deceased has left a written statement with wishes for their funeral.

Choosing a headstone

We have a large display at our Åsen location.

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