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In case of death

What should I do? How will I get through this? There are many questions you are probably asking yourself.

We are here for you

Here are six points that can help to guide you through the practical parts of this difficult time:

1. Contact close family and relatives.

2. Contact the funeral home. When you call us, we will need to know the deceased’s name, and where the death occurred. The next step will depend on the site of the death. See the list here.

3. Once we have clarified the scene of death, we would like to invite you to a conference to go through the various details of the funeral together. This meeting will typically last one to two hours and will be held at a place and time that works best for you (preferably in a private home or in Hviding’s office space).

In such an emotional time, it may be difficult for the survivors to reach an agreement on how things should be done. When you meet such challenges, it is prudent to try to set aside your own feelings, and rather focus on what ideas you have in common, and what would be most appreciated and meaningful for the deceased.

4. After the conference, you will be contacted by a minister or other person who can lead the funeral ceremony.

5. Contact your employer, colleagues, and friends to inform them about the death and funeral.

6. Ask for assistance from friends, neighbors, and others, who can help with everyday practical tasks in the days before and after the funeral.

Scene of death

When you call the funeral home, we will need to know the deceased’s name, and where the death occurred. What happens next will depend on the site of the death.

Choosing a headstone

We have a large display at our Stavanger and Sandnes  locations.

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Hviding Begravelsesbyrå (funeral home) has branches in Stavanger, Sandnes, Sola and Ryfylke

We organize funerals and burials in municipalities including: Stavanger, Sandnes, Sola, Randaberg, Kvitsøy, Klepp, Time, Gjesdal, Rennesøy, Finnøy, Kvitsøy, Strand, Hjelmeland, and Forsand.