Hviding begravelsesbyrå is committed to an open and clear dialogue about the cost of the funeral.


The cost of burial varies according to the specific requirements.

Costs may vary from place to place, but a funeral by Hviding in the Stavanger area can cost from around 24.000,- NOK. Flowers, announcements, and the grave stone are not included in this estimate. Detailed quotations are always provided in advance, and all the items are specified in the bill. Besides the coffin, and practical things like the burial and care and transportation of the deceased, a significant part of the bill is usually made up of announcements, flowers, music, and other extras.


What can we help with?

Services that the funeral home may provide:

– Determining the date of the funeral
– Announcements
– Printing of (hymns/songs)
– Soloists / music
– Coffin and accessories
– Flower decorations / wreaths
– Finding the place and time for the memorial
– Completion and registration of relevant certificates and documents
– Message to the District Court / Police and NAV
– Burial of the urn
– Headstones, inscription/refurbishment, and grave lights
– Burial endowments (agreement on maintenance of burial)
– Transportation in Norway and abroad
– Urn shipment

Please contact us for a more specific estimate.

The expenses related to a funeral may be covered or reduced by benefits from Social Security (Folketrygden), funeral grants from unions, or payments from life insurance and pension insurance.

Prices for services


Administration fee (tax)1.325,-3.200,-
Assistance in church or chapel1.500.-2.750.-
Assistance with urn burial800,-
Assistance with tailoring525,-
Agency fees1.400.-4.450.-
Lights and rental of decorative accessories in ceremony975,-
Ceremony photography520,-
Single memory album with photos, announcements, eulogy etc.750,-
Additional memory albums (price per album)500,-
Book of condolence or remembrance – simple150,-
Book of condolence or remembrance – hard cover330,-
Preperation and placement of the deceased in the casket 1.250,-
Daytime transport for home deaths2.100,-
Evening transport for home deaths2.400,-
Night and weekend transport for home deaths2.750,-
Daytime extra transport crew 850,-
Evening extra transport crew1.000,-
Night and weekend extra transport crew 1.450,-
Song booklets (min. 25 pieces), incl. color and picture if desired1.255,-
Ash urns (optional if you want to buy)600,-4.450,-
Standard urns from the municipality are free

How much does a funeral cost?

Price examples – minimum and maximum

Coffin (including all equipment and clothing)4.985,-24.960,-
Delivery of empty coffin950,-
Lighting and equipment rental in ceremony975,-1475,-
Preperation and placement in the coffin1.250,-1.250,-
Funeral hearse to ceremony location
(depending on the distance)
Agency fee1.400,-4.350,-
Taxable fee1.325,-3.200,-
Assistanse i kirke/kapell1.500,-2.750,-
Extra crew per. hour  (For example 3 hours at 650,-/hour)2.550,-
Song Booklets (50 pieces, 4 color pages with own image) 1.470,-3.600,-
Flowers on the coffin (3 roses – Casket decoration)145,-6.000,-
Transport of coffin from the ceremony to the burial site when needed (depending on the distance)1.850,- 3.450,-
Transport of the coffin to the morgue1.950,-2.350,-
Car including equipment to the ceremony location1.450,-
Announcement in Stavanger Aftenblad (75 mm)1.250,-
Total sum20.505,-63.035,-

Financial aid

The expenses related to a funeral may be covered or reduced by benefits from Social Security (Folketrygden), funeral grants from unions, or payments from life insurance and pension insurance.

Social benefits

If the deceased received a pension from NAV, it will be paid the month the death occurs.

In addition, NAV provides benefits for funeral in certain cases:

  • Means-tested funeral financial aid up to 22 723,- NOK to cover actual funeral costs. The funearl financial aid is reduced by any estate, insurance, or pension that is paid out in the month following death, payments for the coffin, and similar. Contact NAV customer service (815 810 00) for complete details.
  • Benefits to cover transportation when the deceased must be transported over distances of 20km from the place of death to the place of residence (deductible by 2272,- NOK, adjusted according to the basic allowance in Folketrygden (Social Security).

Support is also provided by NAV for the funeral costs when the deceased was under 18 years old.

Hviding Funeral Home can ensure that the death certificate and form for funeral benefits is sent to Trygdekontoret (The Social Security Office).

We are happy to provide you with information about what rules apply to your situation.


A number of unions provide funeral grants for their members, in some cases also to the spouses of a member. We can deliver the application form for union funeral support.

Life insurance and pension insurance

The relatives must notify the insurance company (remember that the deceased may have insurance policies in several companies). Most companies have a form that must be filled out, which can be obtained by contacting the insurance company.

Choosing a headstone

We have a large display at our Åsen location.

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