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Scene of death

When you contact the funeral home, we will first need to know the deceased's name, and where the death occurred.

What happens next?

What happens next will depend on the site of the death.

Death in an institution

In an institution, the deceased are usually cared for by the staff of the hospital or nursing home, who ensure that there is medical attention to confirm the death, and to print a “Declaration of death”.

The next of kin will then need to contact the funeral home to make arrangements. The funeral home will organize bringing the coffin to the institution.

If desired, viewing or wake can be arranged at the funeral chapel on site, before the coffin is moved to the ceremony.

Death at home

The first thing to do is to contact a doctor (general practitioner or emergency), to obtain confirmation of death. If no persons were present when the death occurred, or if it appears that it may be unnatural death, the doctor is required to ensure that the police are contacted.

The next of kin will then need to contact the funeral home. After the doctor has been on the site, the funeral home can retrieve the deceased and bring them to a hospital or chapel, on a stretcher or coffin. We will place the deceased with care in a coffin. After this, you can make the funeral arrangements with the funeral home.

If you would like to have a viewing or wake, the funeral home can bring the coffin to your home.


If there is an accidental cause of death, the police will take care of what will happen next. Paramedics will also be called to the scene.

After confirmation of death, there may be an undertaker who transports the deceased to the hospital or a funeral chapel. The police will determine when this transport will happen. The next of kin are then free to contact the funeral home to help them make arrangements.

Death abroad

If a death occurs abroad, contact SOS International (coordination of travel insurance) at once. They will provide further guidance and help with arrangements, such as repatriation of the deceased. If there is a Norwegian embassy or another official representative in the country, they will also be able to assist in this regard.

The next step is to contact the funeral home in Norway. The funeral home will be in contact with SOS International, take the coffin when it comes to Norway, and prepare for the funeral.

SOS International

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When you experience a loss

What should I do? How will I get through this? There are many questions you are probably asking yourself. Here are six points that can help to guide you through the practical parts of this difficult time

Choosing a headstone

We have headstones, monuments, or gravestones on display at our Åsen location.

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