Grief after death

How do you get through the grief after close relationships die?

Support in one of life’s heaviest moments

Grief is a natural reaction when you’ve lost someone close to you. The grieving process is necessary to be able to say goodbye to someone who has been part of our lives and our own identity.
Often, we feel pain over things we wish we had said or done, or remorse for things we wish we did not say or do.

It’s normal to feel a whole range of seemingly conflicting emotions. One can feel the appreciation and enjoyment of good memories, but also anxiety, anger, guilt, depression, relief, or indifference. Some people become apathetic in times of grief, while others are busy and active. These are normal and common reactions to the drastic change that occurs when you lose someone who is close to you.

We all react differently to loss. Not everyone will react in the ways mentioned above, so it is important to be respectful of others’ grieving process.

Some need to be alone with their grief, while others want fellowship and support from others. Family, friends, and neighbors can be a great help during this time.

Even though you may really want support from others, it can be difficult to share the grief of loss with those you are close to on a day to day basis. Be bold and seek the support of other people. Talking with others, either individually or in groups, can provide the strength you need to deal with your grief.

The grieving process often takes both concentration and effort, making the practical tasks surrounding loss of a loved one a huge burden. It is important to have the proper support of others, including the funeral home.

Planning the funeral

The next of kin are responsible for making decisions about the funeral.
In some cases, the deceased may have expressed special wishes for the funeral, which should, of course, be respected. It is important to see if the deceased has left a written statement with wishes for their funeral.

Choosing a headstone

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